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© 2012 Rose Urbina Photography

© 2012 Rose Urbina Photography

This little darling just turned ONE! What a happy baby! :)

Cold? Logical? Really?

"He needs to be cold to be logical."

After reading these words on an email today I realized that I could not allow my children anywhere near people who think like this. 
To watch a child cry to the point where he vomits and not walk over to hold him or console him… to not shed ONE single tear… that says a lot about cold and premeditated “logic”. 

I have feelings and emotions and cannot surround myself with people who lack them.

I finally realized that the sins of the father definitely move down to the son… and that this was not my battle. It was theirs. 
My only obligation was towards those who had been mine alone… all along.

Lack of empathy is quite common in people with narcissistic tendencies.

That is not what I want around my children. After five failed marriages, if people in this person’s family cannot do the math… then I have to believe that the issues in question are deeper than I thought. 

To experience the lack of empathy full blast towards my child, myself, my daughter and then to have to read it on an email coming from his son was as hurtful as it was intended to be. 

I won’t take it further. 

But let’s just say that “cold” and “logical” is EXACTLY right.  

Keep it cold and logical. See how far that takes you or how happy it makes you.  

 There I was protecting this person’s fake integrity for the benefit of his children who look up to him and think the world of him. 

Let me just watch out for my own instead. 
His kids are grown men. 
One is smarter than people think. 
The other thinks he is smart… but has no idea how truly ignorant he is of the truth. Time to let him believe whatever convenes him if that means that he won’t go through the biggest disenchantment of his life. 


You Tell Them Allen West!

"Americans need to question whether the deaths of these innocent patriots could have been avoided. The Obama Administration touted the Arab Spring as an awakening of freedom, which we now see is a nightmare of Islamism.

Even more concerning, is the initial response to these attacks last night from the embassy officials of the Obama Administration was to apologize for a Facebook video that suppose

dly hurt Muslim feelings. President Obama’s policy of appeasement towards the Islamic world has manifested itself into a specter of unconscionable hatred.

How anyone can believe this President is strong on national security and foreign policy is beyond my comprehension. President Obama has clearly surpassed former President Jimmy Carter and his actions during the Iranian Embassy crisis as the weakest and most ineffective person to ever occupy the White House.”

-Congressman Allen West


Many years ago I was told that my baby girl would not make it past her sixth birthday. Not only did she suffer from an autoimmune condition, but it was aggravated by a heart condition and the news that she had a brain tumor. 

Nothing short of a miracle, G-d healed her from her brain tumor and doctors saw how the large round mass literally disintegrated while she was still hospitalized. Before and after images of the mass in the fourth ventricle of the brain, deep in the medulla were so incredible that doctors did not know what to call it. They just labeled the whole experience, an anomaly. 
A miracle is a miracle as far as I’m concerned. 
So was Claudia. She was my miracle.
The child that came into my life to take my heart to places it had never experienced before.  

Against all odds she thrived.
Well… she still thrives.  

Each year that Claudia gets to celebrate a birthday is a gift from G-d and we are so grateful. 
Even during times when we have to rush her once more to the emergency room and endure more ambulance rides and hospitalizations, we know it’s nothing in comparison to all that we would have missed had she not been in our lives throughout these years.

Yes. She is blunt when she expresses herself. Not everyone appreciates her honesty. She’s my “I’ll tell it to your face whether you like it or not” child. 
A little guidance has served her well in recent years, although she still gets away with a bit of her own unadulterated “honest” responses once in a while. 

It usually isn’t until things come to pass as she said they would, that people come to their senses and remember her words. Usually a little too late for amends. 
At times I wonder how she does it.
How she survives it all. How she has survived it all.
Being on a special diet, she couldn’t eat what other kids ate when she was younger, and she was happy reading a book during recess on those days when she couldn’t play because she had a halter monitor attached to her chest. 
I still remember how at the age of 10 she convinced me to let her run in a Thanksgiving race. She won third place after missing out being in first because she chose to help a fellow classmate who had fallen. 
We were all nervous that afternoon. In spite of her heart condition I still watched her fly past the other kids, phone in hand ready to dial 911. Everyone looked at me like I was a crazy mom for letting my ill child run… but Claudia wasn’t ill. She took off that halter monitor and flew. 
Each stare drew me back to her. The look on her face to learn that I would let her run was priceless. My decision came after years of overprotecting her and limiting her. What was the point of keeping her safe from death if I wasn’t going to let her live?

Since then she has been in roller coasters, theme park rides, ballet, surfing, skateboarding, rock climbing… and with my heart in my throat, and prayers going up the entire time, I have no regrets. Her cardiologist had to approve everything, of course. As long as it was done “in moderation” it was all good. Then again, those who know Claudia know that when it comes to what she loves, the word “moderation” does not really exist. :)

Claudia turned 13 this year. In spite of 3 surgeries and 4 hospitalizations last year, her Bat Mitzvah took place and it was a true celebration of life. A celebration of all things that matter. 

I love my crazy nut child. LOL! 
She is simply amazing. 

We just got back from the hospital yesterday and we might have to go back sometime this week. If that thing grows 2 more cm. she will need surgery again. 
This time it’s so close to her appendix that the doctor will simply take that out too knowing that the surgery will cause its inflammation. 

My heart hurts whenever I see her in pain, but I want to do what she does. 
She often tells me that it’s not the bad times that count. It’s the good times in between. 

I know exactly what she means, and I like how she thinks. 
Her thinking has molded my thinking. 
It has made me realized that my life is a beautiful treasure box of adventures and wonderful experiences when I choose to focus on the good and never on the bad. 

Some people may not like Claudia’s honesty. 
Some people may not believe in her good intentions when her advice seems untimely and blunt… and even a bit harsh. See… to her there is no time to waste. If you’re going to do something bad to her friends she’ll let you have it. It’s today or never. Since she is a very spiritual young girl, her connection with G-d is amazing. Her discernment is unbelievable, so when she brings things to my attention and asks me to help her do something about it, I take her very seriously. 

She lives and she loves life.
G-d has given me and those who love her and care for her that amazing gift.

Thank You Heavenly Abba.
It hasn’t been easy these past couple of days… but thank You for all the wonderful days of pure life in between these moments.
Her goal this week? To enjoy a wonderful next weekend with her cousin Tatianna who is visiting from New York! 

Knowing Claudia… I can see that goal happening uneventfully. She will make that thing wait until she is done having fun. LOL. 



I love my job! This girl is going places and I am extremely happy to be part of her journey! :) 

 © 2012 Rose Urbina Photography 



 © 2012 Rose Urbina Photography

Happy Birthday Ricardo!

He is one very happy boy!!!! Thank you Chef Ronald for preparing us such a wonderful dinner! It was PERFECT! 

The Birthday Boy!

So photo shoots done and now vacation time! Yay! 

So excited! It’s all about Ricardo’s birthday and he is mega excited! 
My baby is turning TEN! 
Double digits! Whooo hooooo!!!! 


Answering the Call

What an awesome photo shoot! 

These pastors and their son are changing the lives of many here in Central Florida! 
It’s time for change and they’re up to the task! They’ve answered the call. Have you?


Excellent 2nd Session! :) Fun! Fun! Fun! 

 © 2012 Rose Urbina Photography

Los Three Mosqueteros! Ha ha ha!

These three definitely have been having the time of their lives! LOL! In exactly four days they’ll be doing their thing here in Orlando!